the aim of this project is to stimulate individuals’ feelings for other human beings, their similarities and their traits. understanding another person requires us
to re-establish contact and seek reciprocal relationships; we must overcome the opacity of today’s modern world. this sculpture has been created so that people are forced to remember what it feels like to be close: the premise for a direct, shared experience.

the person who does not engage, who
avoids the dynamics of gaze — when seeing another and submitting to another’s gaze — knows not solidarity but only lack of reciprocity and lack of generosity.

it is a point of contact between corporealities, of being able to perceive beyond the simply-present object.
when in an encounter, in the contact with the body of another, one feels, perceives, sees, when the other one is, yes, an objective, physical body (körper), but also a living and lived body (leib), then being vis-à-vis, one in the presence of the other, opens access to human relations, to intersubjectivity, to the construction of all culture. the sculpture acts as a catalyst
for recognition and sharing (being-with-others), interacting with its surroundings and engaging with public space. It is the first step towards reconstruction in a
bid to bridge the swamp of narcissism and overcome the tyranny of convention, indifference and sloth; this experience will induce a transformation of the self and
enable an understanding of the other.

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