vbt & gp

vittorio bifulco troubetzkoy, angles, movement, edges that create the linear language of fluid-fusion within the related atmosphere. vbt designart's bold contemporary furnishings innertwined with organic artifacts to carry a soft vision of one's own essence. The statuary placement of handforged carbon steel furnishings that become a european hallmark. I have expanded and dedicated my work to the study of shape and I am currently working on projects based on design art. The shapes I create are molded and transformed into shared objects. I work on pieces meant for interior spaces such as furniture and objects with limited circulation. Some of these pieces are showcased at the Salone del Mobile, the internationally recognized furniture trade show in Milan, which are designed for the urban locations that surround me. For me, design not only signifies innovation, but also the individual stimulation of each person to rediscover their dormant sensations. website.

giovanni pelloso is a journalist and the photography critic for the Italian daily corriere della sera. he co-authored world dictionary of photography (rcs - contrasto, 2002) and approaches this art form with the curiosity of one seeking to discover every aspect of its potential for expression. he also works in the theory and practice of consumer sociology and advertising. since 2005, he has lectured and conducted research as a contract professor at the faculty of communication and performing arts of the iulm university, milan. his main field is media and communication and, over the years, he has led numerous forays into the world of photography and video installation. he has exhibited at the VIII international biennial of photography in turin, at artmedia VII, salerno, and at the foundation for art & creative technology (uk). the hallmark of his work is the redefinition of approaches to places of contact, choice and experience. he is also an associate researcher at the civic aquarium of milan.