conference "design as relationship: the "con-essere" project"

sala alessi – palazzo marino, piazza della scala 2, milan.

- pierfrancesco majorino, councillor for social politics and health culture.

- vittorio bifulco troubetzkoy and giovanni pelloso, artists and creators of “con-essere”.

- adriano zamperini, professor of social psychology at the university of padua.

- dalia gallico, president of the signumlab association and of the degree course in design at the university of san raffaele, rome.

- laura agnoletto, designer and co–founder of milano si autoproduce design (misiad).

- alessia del corona borgia and emanuele tessarolo, co–founders 5vie art+design.

in sala alessi, the boardroom of palazzo marino, headquarters of the milan council, on thursday 26 june (from 10.30 to 12.30), the conference “design as relationship: the “con-essere” project” was held. it was a chance to explore the role of the design as a catalyst of interrelating forms, as an agent on the senses and emotions. the work is the crux of a combination of interactions and relationships. in the era of global media and hyper-connectivity, it would seem to be a nonsense. but indifference takes on the character of an ever more clear–cut rift, one that can isolate members of society and create distance, distraction and disenchantment (towards everything that happens).